Full Stack Tutorial with Serverless & React

Posted by Avner Braverman on January 31, 2019

Full Stack Tutorial with Serverless & React

Serverless is the easiest way to run code in the cloud. Serverless platforms, such as AWS Lambda, run your code at scale and manage the underlying servers and network for you. Unfortunately, performance limitations narrow serverless use cases to background tasks like DevOps, automation and data ingestion. Serverless is a poor fit for interactive and real-time applications. Until today!

The Binaris serverless platform is built from the ground up for applications. We have combined this power with React to offer a full stack tutorial. While the goal of most React tutorials is to have frontend code running on your local machine, our tutorial guides you through building a full web application, including both frontend and backend components.

By the end, you will have a full, production-ready application up and running in the cloud, backed by the performance and auto-scaling of Binaris.

Follow our tutorial here. Learn more about Binaris here.